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Be the house. SLAM holders get paid twice a month, just by holding +1,000 SLAM in their wallets.

Our casino platform Slam Vegas is now officially licensed and has more than 3,000 live & auto games. We are also launching our own NFT collection called Jokers by SLAM and with it, a brand new platform called Joker Royale where you will be able gamble NFTs and create your own bets.

SLAM Wheel
SLAM Token


It is a BEP-20 token on Binance Smart Chain with the contract address: 0x000851476180bfc499ea68450A5327D21C9b050e

SLAM Token has and always will be the governance token of every platform under the SLAM Ecosystem. SLAM Ecosystem will continue to grow with all the products and platforms we plan on adding.

There is a 4% transaction fee to buy or sell SLAM. 2% goes to the Marketing/Operations wallet, 1% goes to the Buyback wallet, while other 1% is liquidity pool.


We over-deliver.

We believe in action rather than words. We strive for greatness in everything we do. With that being said we have launched 5 working platforms in less than a year. We are only getting started.

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what's next?
  • Slam Crash V2 has been released.

    First 3 partner tokens added to bankroll
    Chat functionality
    Leaderboard & stats

    July 2nd
  • First dividend of Slam Pools has been distributed

    Slam Pools dashboard has been released
    Reflection calculator
    Wallet purchase history on
    Whitepaper v1 has been translated to Spanish, Turkish, Estonian & Finnish

    July 19th
  • Increased payout shares for SLAM holders from 15% to 35%

    Closed beta version of Slam Vegas has been launched for selected SLAM holders.
    ETH has been added to Slam Crash

    July 25th
  • Announcement of Slam Royale Launch

    First donations to children in need & Ocean Blue Fund from profits have been made through our partners Yummy & Aquagoat.
    Announcement of 1st ever Quarterly Investor Meeting

    August 2nd
  • Bankroll Investment Model has been launched for BNB bankroll

    Total of 315 BNB have been raised
    2 partners added to Slam Crash

    August 9th
  • 1st Ever Quarterly Investor Meeting has been held via Zoom & Youtube

    SLAM’s burn wallet have been completely burned with a total of $2,000,000 worth of SLAM
    Whitepaper V2 has been published
    3 new members added to the SLAM team
    ETH launch for SLAM has been announced
    Slam Wallet(formerly known as Slam Finance) has been announced
    Deal with a law firm that excels in blockchain & gambling has been announced

    August 22nd
  • Bankroll Investors received their payouts with a 40% profit on their original investments

    New tokens have been added to Crash.
    BNB bankroll profits exceeded SLAM bankroll profits for the 1st time
    ETH Bankroll Investments have been launched
    30% of the bankroll profits have been allocated for marketing, NFT giveaways until further notice
    Registrations for 1st ever Slam Royale Poker Tournament have opened up.

    Sept. 5th
  • Unified Slam Pools Payout Structure have been announced

    Requirement of holding 1,000 SLAM or more to qualify for a payout
    All holders will receive their payout from a combined 35% profit pool according to their holding size
    30 days of not selling and not transferring any SLAM will be required to qualify for a payout
    Slam Crash crossed 5,000 registered users milestone
    Slam Royale Beta crossed 300 registered users and brought in 10 BNB profit for the 1st time

    Sept. 12nd
  • 3rd payout of Slam Pools have been distributed

    Biggest payout size ever for every qualified holder.
    Payouts have been set to a biweekly schedule
    Slam Jokers NFT Collection launch has been announced.
    Sharkman joined SLAM team as Head of Slam Royale

    Sept. 19th
  • First dividend of Slam Pools has been distributed

    64 players have signed up.
    Total of 25 BNB tournament rewards have been distributed.
    Announced fixed Slam Sunday Update Times & Wednesday Weekly Voicechats

    Sept. 25-25th
  • Quarterly Investor Meeting

    Click here to watch

    Nov. 3rd
  • New website & branding reveal

    Oct. 3rd
  • OTC(Block) Trading Beta

    Buying/selling without the 10% fee

    Oct. 3rd
  • NFT Radar NFT App Launch on iOS & Android

    - NFT Giveaways/Contests
    - NFT Portfolio Tracking
    - Push Notifications on floor price movement

    Nov. 14th
  • Slam Staking Launch

    - Over $1,500,000 worth of SLAM staked. Check it Out

    Nov. 14th
  • Payouts & Buybacks

    - We have spent more than $150,000 for payouts & buybacks in Q4 alone

  • Quarterly Investor Meeting

    Click here to watch

    Feb. 1st
  • Introducing the 1st ever Feeless Contract

    Let’s you buy SLAM instantly at market price without the 10% transaction fee. Check it Out

    Jan. 25th
  • Slam Vegas License Approval!

    Soft Launch of fully functional Slam Vegas. Check it Out
    - Deals with streamers, YouTubers

    Jan. 25th
  • Jokers by SLAM NFT Collection

    Website Reveal
    - Presale & Mint
    - Marketplace

  • - Crash v3 Update

    New makeover + Lots of new tokens.

  • - Quarterly Investor Meeting

    - Live on YouTube.

    May. 29th
  • - Slam Wallet Beta Reveal

    - Innovative Web Wallet
    - Cross chain swap/bridge
    - Token/wallet analyzer
    - Limit orders

  • - SLAM Token 2.0

    - Contract Migration

  • - Regulatory/Compliance Adjustments

    - Expand operations

  • - Joker Royale Launch

    - Decentralized NFT & Crypto Gambling Platform
    - NFT Rewarded Poker Tournaments

  • - Major Exchange Listing


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Be the house. SLAM holders are rewarded twice a month, just by holding +1,000 SLAM in their wallets.