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Token Duration Estimated APY Total Staking Limits Limit per Wallet
Option A SLAM 60 Days 4% No Limit No Limit
Option B SLAM 90 Days 6.75% Max. 250K SLAM 10K SLAM
Option C SLAM 180 Days 8% Max. 150K SLAM 2.5K SLAM
Thank you lots for your interest! We have received over 1,000,000 SLAM (≈ $1,500,000).

We will announce the second round of staking window soon.
Possible Earnings


Enter SLAM Amount
Duration Estimated APY You'd Receive
Enter SLAM Amount
Option A 60 Days 4%
Option B 90 Days 6.75%
Option C 180 Days 8%
SLAM Staking

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I stake my SLAM?
Simply send SLAM to the address mentioned above and then fill out the staking form we provide describing the desired amount you want to stake and the stake duration on our website.

2. What is locked staking?
Locked staking is way for you to earn interest on your SLAM tokens. You send the amount that you want to stake into the staking wallet address we provide and then watch your assets grow every day. There are different periods of time you may choose from which determines the estimated APY.

3. Can I unstake my SLAM anytime and what happens if I do that?
You can most certainly unstake your assets anytime. But if you do that before the staking period ends for your holdings you will accept to forfeit ALL your estimated returns you would have earned during your staking.
To unstake, you need to contact Ace. 48 hours after we receive your request, your staked assets will be sent back to your original wallet without any additional rewards.

4. Do I still get reflections even when I stake my SLAM?
Yes. Staking wallet will be receiving reflections from the SLAM transactions. So you will be given your fair share from the total reflections coming to our staking wallets.

5. Do I still get the SLAM payouts/rewards even when I stake my SLAM?
Yes. You will still be eligible to receive your payouts as long as they happen.

6. Can I stake my SLAM anytime?
Unfortunately no. We will promote the staking program only for a certain period of time which will be announced beforehand. Make sure to join our Telegram or follow our Twitter to stay updated.

7. Is there a minimum or maximum amount to stake?
There is a minimum of 5,000 SLAM requirement to be able to stake. But there isn’t a max limit meaning you can stake all of your holdings if you would like to.

8. Can I transfer my SLAM to multiple different wallets to take advantage of the 90-180 Days staking programs?
No. SLAM transfers to override our limit per wallet rule will not be accepted.

9. Can I participate in multiple staking programs all at once?
Yes. You can participate in all of the programs as long as you comply with our rules and limits.
*Note that you would need to fill out different forms for each enrollment.

SLAM Staking program aims to provide our holders with a reliable and a safe mechanism to earn interest on their SLAM holdings. It also helps the ecosystem by basically removing a certain percentage from the circulating supply.