Looking to buy +250M SLAM? BUY SLAM without Fees
become a SLAM holder


Simply send BNB (BSC) to this address: 0x9e231f3775f87af6d091e2d79F6C3186a0B344Eb

- Mininum of 8 BNB transfer is required.

- Send it from any wallet including Binance.
- If you send from a wallet like MetaMask or TrustWallet, your SLAM will be sent directly to the wallet you used to send us your BNB.
- If you send from an exchange like Binance, you need to contact us BEFORE you send us any BNB so we can verify it is your wallet. You will then have to message @Ace_SLAM on Telegram or Discord to let him know which wallet you would like us to transfer your SLAM.



We will then buy SLAM for you using our whitelisted wallets to avoid the 10% fee and send your SLAM. This process is manual and it might take some time but we will do our best to accommodate your transfer as soon as possible.

If you don't receive your SLAM or have any questions please contact @Ace_SLAM on Telegram or Discord. Contact @Ace_SLAM on Telegram